Turn your Raspberry Pi into a secure VPN Wi-Fi hotspot.

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Hide your internet activity from your ISP

Unlock geo restricted content worldwide

Secure internet with 256-bit AES encryption

Zero log policy makes you 100% anonymous

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Be 100% anonymous online

Hide your online activity from your ISP

AMAZON-AES can see all your browsing activity. Don’t get caught with your pants down…

VPNCity has a strict zero-log-policy. Your connection is fully encrypted (AES 256-bit). No one can snoop or track you with VPNCity.

Browser history ISP

Sharing or downloading content? AMAZON-AES knows you are too…

VPNCity has thousands of servers optimized for P2P downloading / uploading. Hidden away from prying eyes.

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Unblock global streaming content

An internet without barriers

Get access to all content on Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and much more! VPNCity enables you to watch the programs you love around the world.

Just like any Wi-Fi hotspot, it's simple to connect. Plus, there's no limit of devices that can connect! Browse online anonymously or unlock US / UK Netflix. The options are endless!

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Protect your home Wi-Fi in 3 Steps

You don't have to be a techie to protect your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You sure do! You’ll be able to connect to any of our servers around the world, including our optimized for streaming servers (e.g. Netflix).
You have the option to continue your service after the trial period from as little as $1.69 /mo. There is no obligation to continue and if you do, you have the right to cancel your service at any time.
We’ve built a user friendly control panel that allows you to easily switch across any of our 40+ locations around the world.
No. Your Raspberry Pi must be Wi-Fi ready to work with VPNCity VPN hotspot software.
We’ve made the install process super simple. All you need is a card reader for your SD card in the Raspberry Pi, Windows or Mac computer, 30 seconds to read instructions and 5 minutes of patience for installing. See full video guide here And that’s it! We really have made it simple to setup.
We understand the Raspberry Pi community as far as to know that if we didn’t make it open source, it would go against everything the Raspberry Pi stands for! So yes, it’s Open Source!
No, we do not provide you with one. You will need to have in your possession a Raspberry Pi.
Right now our Image will offer native support to the Raspberry Pi 3 and upwards. If however you have a Raspberry Pi version with an Ethernet port and no WiFi capabilities, a USB WiFi dongle should enable these particular versions to work with our Image.

Unlimited and Unthrottled Speeds

High speed and secure internet is paramount

We’ve optimized our servers to ensure you’re experiencing eye watering secure speeds.

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Be a ninja anywhere
on the planet

Connect to any of our 3,167 servers located in 42 cities around the world.

More reasons to choose VPNCity

We keep your home safe

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Secure VPN Home Wi-Fi

VPNCitys open source software will turn your Raspberry Pi into a secure VPN WiFI hotspot with 256-bit AES encryption. You'll be completely secure and anonymous online.

VPNCity Raspberry Pi Hotspot

Connect all devices in your home

No applications will need to be installed on any device. Once the Raspberry Pi is setup, you'll find a VPNCity WiFi access point to connect your devices to.

Raspberry Pi control panel

Control your Raspberry Pi VPN hotspot

Access your Raspberry Pi through our online portal. Inside you'll be able to setup and change your connection to any of our 40+ locations around the world.

VPNCity multiple devices

Connect Unlimited Devices

Connect your TV, laptop, mobile, tablet, PS4, Xbox and more, all at the same time and on the same VPNCity account.

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