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Streaming Ninja VPNCity


blue-tick-icon Loves Netflix and wants to be able to watch geo-specific movies and tv shows.

blue-tick-icon Knows there is awesome and FREE content on BBC iPlayer and wants to access it from outside of the UK.

blue-tick-icon Sports are their thing too and wants to unlock geo-restricted games and live events.

blue-tick-icon Loves streaming but hates annoying ads and knows that VPNCity can block it all.

Gaming Ninja VPNCity


blue-tick-icon Enjoys fast (no lag, no waiting time), secure (bye DDoS attacks) and uninterrupted gameplay.

blue-tick-icon Is a huge fan of premiers and wants to play the new titles as soon as they are released.

blue-tick-icon Likes to explore PlayStation Vue, Xbox Live and PSN exclusives globally.

blue-tick-icon Buys games from Steam and knows they're available for a better price from different locations.

Travelling Ninja VPNCity


blue-tick-icon Loves travelling and finds tickets, hotels and flights at better rates.

blue-tick-icon Uses public Wi-Fi in cafes, airports and hotels and wants to be safe online.

blue-tick-icon Wants to keep up with their favourite series even when they're in a foreign country.

blue-tick-icon Travels with a computer and smartphone and wants to keep everything safe under a single account.

Business Ninja VPNCity


blue-tick-icon Shares important and confidential files from their devices and needs a secure and encrypted internet connection.

blue-tick-icon Works from cafes, hotels, airports and wants to know their personal information is secure even whilst connected to public Wi-Fi.

blue-tick-icon Needs to access files and services from different countries and bypass geo-restrictions.

blue-tick-icon Does a lot of Skype calls and wants to make sure no hacker is eavesdropping their conversations.

Travelling Ninja VPNCity


blue-tick-icon Is scared of getting their personal information stolen and being watched through the webcam.

blue-tick-icon Knows for certain that hackers and government agencies can see their online activity and wants to keep their online activity private.

blue-tick-icon Has a friend or family that has been a victim of credit card fraud.

blue-tick-icon Uses browser's incognito window but knows that their ISP (Internet Service Provider) can see all their online activity and doesn't like that.

Travelling Ninja VPNCity


blue-tick-icon Doesn't want to share information with third parties or be tracked by advertising everywhere.

blue-tick-icon Wants to enjoy online privacy without worrying about government spies.

blue-tick-icon Wants to bypass internet censorship at their work, school, and the public library.

blue-tick-icon Access the dark web and wants to make sure their real IP is properly hidden.

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2. Select a location

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Unlock worldwide entertainment

Unlike other VPN providers, we unlock geo-restricted content

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Even more reasons to choose VPNCity

Streaming icon

Unlimited Streaming

We don't restrict upload or download speeds, so you won't experience any buffering issues whilst you're watching your favourite TV Shows online.

Apps Icon

Available on all platforms

Whether you use a Windows PC, iOS tablet, Android phone or all of them, we got you covered. VPNCity is available for all platforms.

Multiple devices icon

Protect 12 Devices

Streaming, gaming and surfing the web? You can connect multiple devices at the same time. Either you have a big family, friends visiting or a small business we cover it all.

VPNCity geolocated

Unlock worldwide content

Bypass censorship and unlock geo-located content. Watch your favourite series, access social networks, and much more.

No-log icon

No-Log Policy

What you do online is your business. We don’t keep any of your online activity. No browser data, credit card information, no IP address. None, nada, niente.

Mobile Security icon

Mobile Security

Whether you’re on public Wi-Fi or mobile internet, VPNCity hides your IP and encrypts all your data to keep you anonymous and protected on your mobile.

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Why choose VPNCity

VPNCity benefit topic Unblock geo-restricted content VPNCity benefit topic Unlimited bandwidth VPNCity benefit topic Military-grade-encryption VPNCity benefit topic No-logging-policy VPNCity benefit topic Up to 12 Devices per account VPNCity benefit topic 30-day money-back guarantee
check icon 30-day money-back guarantee
by Aaron bay 2020-02-20 Great Choice of programs to suit all… Great Choice of programs to suit all the family
by Mike 2020-02-20 Really impressed with how well it works… Really impressed with how well it works and the customer support really try help you...
by Marta Imširović 2020-02-20 Marta Would you choose this app ? I did and I didn't regret it
by Badal Kumar 2020-02-19 It works better with Netflix but has… It works better with Netflix but has got issues with other OTT Platform.
by Ruth Ruokaismaki 2020-02-19 I'm thoroughly enjoying VPNCity I'm thoroughly enjoying VPNCity. There are still some shows I can't find but all in a...
by Dawn 2020-02-19 I watch the US Netflix its got the… I watch the US Netflix its got the walking dead on it which the UK one doesn't can on...
by Cass Sandy 2020-02-19 VPNCity Easy to connect great service love it :)
by bilal manawar 2020-02-18 Works very well Works very well, better than I expected
by Carlos Cereceda-Rojas 2020-02-18 Very good experience does what it… Very good experience does what it claims and more
by Rico 2020-02-18 Easy to use. This app was easy to install on all my iOS devices.
by Peter Murison 2020-02-17 VPNCity Very good experience so far!!!
by Juan 2020-02-17 5 Stars from Dominican Republic I’m a native New Yorker living in the Dominican Republic I have a Alexa Fire tv sti...
by cindy pierre 2020-02-17 With this app I was able to watch some… With this app I was able to watch some of my favorite shows and movies that I was not...
by Mark Gilligan 2020-02-17 VPNCity Works like a treat
by Danielle Clark 2020-02-17 VPNCity Wonderful service!
by Pits Rock 2020-02-17 Loving having the American Netflix Loving having the American Netflix, We are really enjoying this.
by Dana Nicula 2020-02-16 Like it Like it very much :). Very usefull!
by Demmss Akan 2020-02-16 I’m able to connect most times so it’s… I’m able to connect most times so it’s working fine for now..
by Grace Law 2020-02-16 Awesome It’s helped me to be able to watch more shows that I would normally not be able to...
by ShashaGeisha EddyAngkong 2020-02-16 Reliability Reliability - Select a VPN that is reliable and read the reviews to make sure that it...
by Mohamed Refai 2020-02-15 Very professional service Very professional service
by Thomas 2020-02-15 Quick and easy to set up and amazing… Quick and easy to set up and amazing customer service! Would recommend to everyone
by Chaanel Gestro 2020-02-15 Amazing app Amazing app! I can watch Netflix in the U.S (im in Australia) can't fault this app
by justyna krolak 2020-02-14 Perfect for netflix Perfect for netflix
by Q Q 2020-02-14 Very good for watching Netflix abroad Very good for watching Netflix abroad, fast and easy connection. Just a bit expensive...
by Jennifer Salas 2020-02-14 Great app, needs a bit of more work for pc It's great, but on PC I need to restart the computer for it to work. Only the downloa...
by Samantha St George 2020-02-14 VPNCity VPNCity is easy to use and has never failed me. I have recommended it many times
by Tracy-Ann Heardsman 2020-02-13 Love this platform it’s easy to use and… Love this platform it’s easy to use and give you the best solutions at the best pri...
by Felicity - Customer 2020-02-13 Great service Really pleased with the service so far, U.K. iPlayer kids works great as does US Netf...
by Kenneth Meredith 2020-02-13 Easy setup and operation Easy setup and operation. Have so far experienced no lag or heavy data usage. Would l...

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