As of 3rd October, 2019

In some countries, governments and national security agencies can serve secret warrants to Internet Service Providers (ISP), VPN services and other online entities to get information about their users and customers.

These law enforcement agency's warrants aim to obligate the company to provide their customer's records and details for investigation. These warrants are usually accompanied with an order that prevents the company to notify their users about the investigation.

What is a Warrant Canary

A warrant canary is a statement that informs their users that a company has not received a secret subpoena or request from government agencies or law enforcement officers, to obtain user data.

Companies are not allowed to inform the users who are under investigation. However, the "Warrant Canary" approach allows us to simply remove the canary statement to indicate that we are being compliant to a warrant or subpoena that has been served to us.

Our Statement

We officially confirm that VPNCity has never received a warrant from any government agency, law enforcement or any party to deliver information about our users. We have not disclosed any information, including private keys or activity of any of our users, and have never changed our system to allow access to any data from any party.

  • VPNCity has NOT received any warrants from any government organisation.
  • VPNCity has NOT turned over our SSL keys or our customers SSL keys to anyone.
  • VPNCity has NOT changed our system or installed any software or equipment anywhere on our network to allow access to data of any type.
  • VPNCity has NOT terminated a customer or taken down content due to political or government pressure or requirement.

We are committed to our no-logs policy and we never keep or store any activities of our users to ensure their absolute privacy and security.