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No walls can stop ShadowSocks

VPNCity works with ShadowSocks proxy to guarantee you get full internet access.

VPNCity meets ShadowSocks

A VPN and a proxy server walk into a bar...

VPNCity ninja on a ShadowSocks airplane


Shadowsocks is a free and open-source encrypted proxy that's widely used in mainland China to circumvent Internet censorship.

Random Port and IP Address from VPNCity

Random Port and IP Address

Unlike other VPN providers, we'll also randomise your outbound port and I.P addresses keeping you anonymous and untraceable.

Native Outline for ShadowSocks

Native support for Outline

Outline is one of the most popular apps for ShadowSocks because it's easy to use. We also support Shadowsocks-win, Shadowsocks-Qt5, ShadowsocksX-NG and Shadowsocks-Qt5.

Go beyond the basics

Streaming icon

Unlimited Streaming

We don't restrict upload or download speeds, so you won't experience any buffering issues whilst you're watching your favourite TV show on Netflix

No-log icon

No-Log Policy

What you do online is your business. We don’t keep any of your online activity. No browser data, no credit cards information, no IP address. None, nada, niente.

Unlimited bandwidth icon

Protect 8 Devices

Streaming, gaming and surfing the web? You can connect multiple devices at the same time. Whether you have a big family, friends visiting or a small business we cover it all.

Money Back icon


Thousands of users love us and we sure you’ll do too. That’s why we offer 30-day money-back guarantee. No questions ask.

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Whether you use a Windows PC, iOS tablet, Android phone or all of them, we got you covered up. VPNCity is available for all platforms.

Unlock geolocations icon

Unlock worldwide content

Bypass censorship and unlock geo-located content. Watch your favorites series, access social networks, and much more.

We have a plan for your needs

Best deal
2 Year plan

$ 2.99

per month
Save 57%
Up to 8 devices. $167.76$71.76 billed every 2 Year
1 Month plan

$ 6.99

per month
No discount
Up to 6 devices. $6.99$6.99 billed every 1 Month
6 Months plan

$ 4.99

per month
Save 29%
Up to 8 devices. $41.94$29.94 billed every 6 Months
1 Year plan

$ 3.99

per month
Save 43%
Up to 8 devices. $83.88$47.88 billed every 1 Year
30-day money-back guarantee
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