How the Internet Works

Internet browsing and online identity explained

When you access a website using any device that connects to the internet, your ISP (Internet Server Provider) sends a request through the internet in order to receive the content we asked for. As this information is not completely secure, your ISP can share your information and worse, it can also be intercepted by potential hackers.

Every device that browses the internet has an IP Address. When you visit a website you're sending and requesting lots of information to that website's server.

Your personal information is being sent to this server. Cookies are one way of capturing this and information like your name, home address, email, telephone number or even bank details can be sent.

This information can be stored by your ISP (internet service provider), the websites you visit and even worse, stolen by a potential hacker.

Why use a VPN

Below are 3 core reasons for why you should use a VPN

Encrypted Tunneling

VPNCity encrypts connections between your computer or smartphone and the internet. This means nobody along the VPN tunnel is able to intercept, monitor, or alter your communications.

Change Location

A VPN allows you to also choose your own virtual location. Changing your location to appear as though you're from another city only requires a few simple clicks with VPNCity.

Hiding digital-footprint

Browse securely and access geo-restricted content without a trace. Roam freely online with absolute peace of mind.

How can I do it?

VPNCity is user-friendly. You don't need to be techie.

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