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Slide to connectIt’s super easy to connect to VPN City, just slide the button to the right and you’re connected! Go stealth and be a ninja online in seconds.
Save MoneySame experience at a better price. Airplane tickets, hotels and streaming services can cost less depending on your location. Save money while we guarantee safe transactions.
Download in privateTake advantage of torrenting apps without worrying about malwares, Wi-Fi restrictions filters and speed throttling from ISPs. We guarantee your privacy and security.
Kill switch enabledAlthough it's highly unlikely, should you ever lose connection, our Kill Switch will cut your connection to the internet altogether. Keeping you 100% secure and private.

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The best VPN for Android

Super-Fast Streaming You won’t be experiencing any anti-climax buffering while you’re watching that final match or your favourite series with VPN City. That’s a guarantee!
Global Server Access Securely bypass location-based IP blocking, traverse firewalls and quickly access content anywhere in the world regardless of your location.
No-log Policy What happens in VPNCity DOESN'T stay in VPNCity... We NEVER keep any information or even a trace about your online life.
Be Hack-proof in Public No longer worry about being hacked on a public Wi-Fi. As soon as you connect to a public Wi-Fi, VPNCity automatically connects your device to a secure and encrypted VPN channel.
Ads Blocker If you aren't a fan of internet advertising appearing on your social network pages or on any website that you visit, VPNCity is for you! Our built-in ads blocker prevents ads from following you online and keeps your browsing activity safe at the same time.
12 Devices Simultaneously Whether you have a big family or a small business you can secure up to eight internet-enabled devices using only one VPN account.

Protecting you from all online threats

Public Wi-Fi in coffee shops, airports and hotels hide many risks
Good thing VPNCity has your back!

Packet sniffersKeep a hackers nose out of your business. Hackers can use "sniffers" to capture unencrypted data like your email, password and credit card details. VPNCity fully encrypts all your data though - problem solved!
Cookie TheftsPut a lid on that cookie jar with VPNCity. Cookies can contain important information about your login, password, credit card, and general data that a hacker can use to steal your identity and spend your money.
Evil TwinNope, that’s not a name of a bad movie. An “Evil Twin” hotspot is a fake Wi-Fi that imitates a legitimate one. Hackers can steal personal data, look at download files and redirect victims to malware or phishing websites.
Man-in-the-middleYou definitely won't like this threesome. A man-in-the-middle attack is held by a hacker that interferes with the victims conversations, transactions or exchange of any other data, while they use some insecure Wi-Fi network.


SoftEther A protocol that supports all major desktop and mobile operating systems including Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, FreeBSD and Solaris. Delivering high-speed connection, with low memory and CPU usage, without reducing the security level.
OpenVPN It’s one of the most secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) encryption protocol, that creates secure connections site-to-site or remotely. With several security layers of protection such as pre-shared keys and peer authentication.
IKEv2-IPSEC The combination of these protocols allows you to reconnect very quickly when the internet connection is interrupted. It also ensures that each individual IP packet is not only authenticated but encrypted too.
L2TP-IPSEC A combination of two different protocols that provide a highly secure and reliable connection. This is recommended for people who require greater security due to do the professional nature of their internet use.