How do I save money?

Sneaky travel websites change their prices based on the location you're booking from. This black-hat practise is a closely guarded secret companies like airlines, hotels and car rentals make tons of money from!

VPNCity protects you from this by hiding your digital location! Simply open our app, connect to a server in a different location with a single tap or click and reload the websites. Voila - prices are changing in front of your eyes!

booking price for room NY with VPNCity from UK
booking price for room NY with VPNCity from US
booking price for room NY with VPNCity from UK
booking price for room NY with VPNCity from US

Wait, how do websites know where I am?

Cookies Cookies track and store your online activities. When travel sites sense that you’re doing numerous searches for the same query, they quickly increase prices.
IP Address IP address is essentially your unique online “address” that tells websites where you are browsing from.
Wi-Fi If you’re browsing through Wi-Fi, websites can track your location if you give them permission.
GPS Websites use your device's GPS to see where you are located, and then use that to determine which prices to offer you.

What Else Can I Save Money On?

Any website that has a global footprint will forever have price differences from country to country.

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Show me how to do it...

Choose a location, slide to connect and then start browsing.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, VPNCity instead is a tool that provides you access to an App that you use to change your digital location. This then allows you to save money on flights, accommodation and car rentals by comparing prices in other countries around the world.
Not at all! Our apps were made to be user-friendly. Simply download and install across any support device. Login, find a location and then swipe to connect. Once you’re connected, you can then minimise the app, browse the internet and start saving!
If you fly or stay at hotels (bnbs) and rent cars on a frequent basis, then more often than not you’ll be able to save hundreds of dollars using VPNCity. Our user-friendly apps eradicates price discrimination by changing your digital location.
Any website that provides technology or a service in multiple countries around the world will more often than not, price discriminate. You can eradicate this price discrimination by using VPNCity and changing your digital location and potentially save a lot of money!
We have an app for Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS, Chrome, Firefox and much more. What’s more is that each account can support up to 12 devices at any one time. This way your partner, family or friends can help plan the cheapest route to that wonderful trip away!
Absolutely not. All our technology does is simply changes where a website thinks you are based in the world.

It’s completely above board and legal to use. This is only different for countries like China, Russia, Turkey, Iraq and UAE where the regimes in charge have a totalitarian outlook.
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