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Unblock websites worldwide

More than 27 countries have blocked Youtube at least once

You might have experienced trouble accessing websites, apps or even watching a video on YouTube or finding a show on Netflix. That's because each TV Show and Movie has geo-specific license agreements.

Millions of people do not have access to social media, websites or streaming platforms in their home, workplace or school.

VPNCity will put a stop to this. Our VPN unlocks geo-restricted content by changing your digital location making it possible to access all websites securely, from anywhere in the world.

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Pick the right VPN to unlock the internet

"But there's websites that do it for free".

Yeah, we know that there's a bunch of websites and browser extensions that promise to unblock websites but at what cost?

When a VPN or website gives you this access for free, it’s because there’s money to be made from your personal data. They tend to use proxies that can inject spywares to steal your personal information, such as email passwords and credit card details. Even worse than that, they don't encrypt your internet traffic, leaving it open to hackers.

VPNCity has multiple apps for all your devices: iOS, Windows, MacOS, Android and browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome. We allow you to connect up to 12 devices at the same time and have a no-log policy - we don’t care about your data! We also offer unlimited bandwidth and military-grid encryption so you can have a fast and secure connection.

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Free VPN
Hides IP address
Unblocks restricted content
No Log
Bypasses firewalls
Encrypted connection
Reliable servers worldwide
Connection stability
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Japan flag Japan JP
Singapore flag Singapore SG
Morocco flag Morocco MA
France FR
United Kingdom flag United Kingdom UK
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Unlock websites worldwide

3000+ servers available, 30+ countries, 40+ cities

It's so simple, your grandma could do it!

How do you get started?

login vpncity 1. Set up an account with VPNCity After picking a plan that works for you and setting up an account with VPNCity, all you need to do is download the app for your PC, MacOS or Smartphone.
download devices vpncity 2. Launch the VPNCity App Launch the VPNCity app you have downloaded on your PC, Mac or Smartphone and log in using your account username and password.
include devices connect 3. Click to Connect Click the ‘connect’ button on the VPNCity. Check out the ‘server locations’ and pick a new one or pick a server for the country you are in.

We realise this might be new to you, so if you get stuck during setup, get in touch with our support team. Thousands of VPNCity customers use our VPN daily and we want to help you join them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit our handy guides here, alternatively, if you need some help setting up, get in touch with our support team.
You can connect 12 devices. Whether you use a Windows PC, iOS tablet, Android phone or all of them, we’ve got you covered. VPNCity is available for all platforms.
Yes, we offer all our customers a 30 day money back guarantee. We want to make sure you love using VPNCity, so we want to give you 30 days to get it set up and see just how useful it is.
Feel free to email us on
What you do online is your business. We don’t keep any of your online activity. No browser data, credit card information, no IP address. None, nada, niente.
Most free VPNs aren't secure and reliable. There have been cases where free VPN providers sell their users information for third-parties companies. We don’t do that.

Our no-log policy means that we don’t keep any of your online activity. No browser data, no credit card information, no IP address. Nothing, nada, niente.
If you use a free VPN either for your PC or Smartphone, then you can probably be tracked easily. VPNCity uses the top encryption protocols (SoftEther, OpenVPN, IKEv2-IPSEC, L2TP-IPSEC) that supports all major desktop and mobile operating systems including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris to make sure you're 100% secure all the time.
Absolutely not and that’s why 1 in 4 people now use a VPN when using the internet. All our technology does is change where a website thinks you are based in the world and encrypts your data, so nobody can steal it.

It’s completely above board and legal to use. This is only different for countries like China, Russia, Turkey, Iraq and UAE where the regimes in charge have different rules on internet access.
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