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Netflix content by geo-location.

Did you know that the content you can see on Netflix in your country won't always be the same as in other countries? That's because each TV Show and Movie have geo-specific license agreements.

VPNCity puts and end to geo-restricted content by changing your digital location.

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Get the most out of Netflix.

Your Netflix subscription doesn't give you access to its entire library.

Streaming rights are negotiated on a country-by-country basis. As a result, Netflix uses your IP address to determine what content you can and can’t watch.

Don’t worry though, VPNCity unlocks more content for you by simply connecting to that location first. Just take a look at the numbers!

Country TV shows Movies
United States 1326 4339
United Kingdom 542 2425
New Zealand 450 1563
France 387 1541
Germany 350 1435
Russia 204 533
Turkey 194 511

An app for all your devices.

We support iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, PS4, Xbox, FireStick and much more. Your VPNCity account can also support up to 12 devices connected at any one time.

VPNCity fit in all screen sizes

Frequently Asked Questions

No. You need your own a streaming service to watch movies, tv shows and sports events. VPNCity does not come with a streaming service account and it is not a replacement for a streaming service. Rather, it allows you to access worldwide Netflix, BBC iPlayer and other services.
Regardless of whether you like to stream movies, tv shows or sports events on Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Chrome extension, Firefox extension we have the right app for you.
With VPNCity, you can hide your real IP address, encrypt your online traffic, bypass censorship in certain countries that block access to sites like Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp and Google. Protect up to 12 devices with a single account.

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