Protect your torrenting activity

Don't let anyone see what you're downloading

Stay safe and be anonymous online

Download, stream and browse without limitations

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Instant Kill Switch

One click and your security is bulletproof. In case your VPN connection drops, VPNCity automatically locks your traffic to prevent IP leaks.

VPNCity Diamond-strong encryption

Diamond-strong encryption

VPNCity secures your data with military-grade encryption, so whatever you do online stays secure and private!

VPNCity Lightning Speed on any device

Lightning Speed on any device

Blazing-fast downloads speed with no limits. Invisible to everyone on all your favorite devices!

Be hidden whilst torrenting

It's so simple, your grandma could do it!

1. Become a ninja

Login into your account in any of your devices

2. Connect to one of our servers

We have apps for multiple devices

3. Download files anonymously

Torrent securely and anonymously!

Frequently Asked Questions

No! VPNCity keeps no activity logs and no connection logs of any kind, so all your online activities are untraceable.
Absolutely not. When you connect to VPNCity, your real IP address remains hidden and is replaced by an IP address of the VPNCity network.
VPNCity is fully compatible with any application that uses the internet.
Downloading torrents is perfectly legal, as long as the material you download is not copyrighted.

Why should I use VPNCity to torrent?

The best from VPNCity to secure and protect your privacy

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Zero activity logs

What you do online is your business. We don't keep any of your online activity.

Unlimited torrenting bandwidth Icon

Unlimited bandwidth

Torrent whatever you want, whenever you want, as much as you want.

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Blazing-fast downloads

Super fast downloads from anywhere in the world with our VPN servers optimized for speed.

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Torrent on up to 8 devices

You can connect multiple devices at the same time. Either you have a big family, friends visiting or want to torrent on all 8 we cover it all.

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Whether you use a Windows PC, iOS tablet, Android phone or all of them, we have you covered. VPNCity is available for all platforms.

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30-day money-back guarantee

If you're not satisfied torrenting with VPNCity for any reason, you can get a full refund within 30 days.

Ready to start Torrenting anonymously?

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2 Years
$ 2.99 USD / mo
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Up to 8 devices.
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$6.99 billed every 1 Month
6 Months
$ 4.99 USD / mo
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Up to 8 devices.
$41.94 $29.94 billed every 6 Months
1 Year
$ 3.99 USD / mo
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Up to 8 devices.
$83.88 $47.88 billed every 1 Year
30-day money-back guarantee

Money-back guarantee

Enjoy total peace of mind with VPNCity. If you're not 100% satisfied we'll refund your payment.
No worries, hassle free.

Start from $2.99/mo
Ninja meditating VPNCity
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