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Best VPN affiliate program. Fast Payouts. No Payout Thresholds.

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By taking part in our affiliate program, you agree to our affiliate agreement.

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Multiple Payment Gateways

You can withdraw your commission through PayPal and Stripe.

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No minimum Payout hurdles

We don’t set minimum thresholds like some VPN providers. You can withdraw every dollar.

VPNCity affiliates commission

75% Commission rate

Our commission payout is amongst the best in the industry. It’s on recurring too.

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Dedicated Marketing Team

You’ll get access to our marketing team who are here to provide you with custom marketing banners and material, totally FREE of charge!

I've been an affiliate for 3 months now and It's been great! It’s an easy sell because it actually works on Netflix! The marketing team are amazing too.

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Custom Landing Page

Unlock our landing pages that have proven to convert. We'll put your brand and affiliation in place, along with any supporting text. This is available to all our affiliates.

Thank you guys for this awesome landing page! I got a 34% increase conversion rate since I started sharing my landing page.

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The commission you earn

You can earn up to 500% commission on each referral.
Commissions are paid throughout the lifetime of every client referred.

1 Month Plan
Initial 75%

Recurring 30%
1 Year Plan
Initial 60%

Recurring 30%
2 Year Plan
Initial 60%

Recurring 25%

Who can be an affiliate

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It doesn't matter what you write about, if you've got an audience you can turn that into a living by promoting us.

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Earn from ad revenue and by endorsing services like ours. Help keep your audience secure online. They’ll love you for it!

VPNCity publishers


Make your content earn an income. Promoting a VPN and its benefits couldn’t be easier.

VPNCity reviews sites

Review Sites

Everyone reads a review before they buy. Convert those that read your review into revenue.

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Coupon Sites

Promote VPNCity with coupon codes. You’ll get more traffic and earn in the process.

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We welcome anyone with a passion to make an income from being an affiliate. Get involved today and start earning!

Become a ninja affiliate

Step 1 Register

It takes 20 seconds to become an affiliate. What are you waiting for?

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Step 2 Get unique link

We'll give you an unique shareable link and all marketing material.

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Step 3 Earn money

Promote VPNCity and enjoy up to 75% commission on every initial and 30% recurring payment your referred customers makes! You're welcome.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Registering with VPNCity is easy. Just sign up, get your Referral link, and you are ready to cash in.
Yes! Each time your customer renews their package, you’ll receive commission totaling up to 500% of the original plan price, for as long as you’re an active affiliate in our program.
There are no special requirements to join our Affiliate Program. Just be sure you are following our rules and you don't use any of the marketing methods that are not allowed. You can find all of them below.
You are not allowed to use:
  • Spam Emails
  • Spamming on social media, blogs, forums or any other commenting system
  • Any illegal or deceptive type of marketing
  • Bidding on our brand keywords "VPNCity" and "VPN City"
If a VPNCity affiliate is found attempting to circumvent or violate these rules, they will have their commissions voided and will not receive payments. They will additionally be permanently banned from the VPNCity Affiliate Program. We show no mercy when it comes to spammers.
You bet! We’ll provide you with all marketing collateral such as screenshots, banners, infographics, and logos once you sign up for our program. We are also open to creating any specific materials that you feel are missing. You can reach out to us at with suggestions at any time.
We track clicks through an organized system and dashboard, customized especially for our affiliates. We also process orders and handle customer service. You don’t have to worry about any of the operations, we’ll do that for you so you can focus 100% on your marketing efforts and bringing in clients.
We pay our affiliates via PayPal and Credit Cards. Special payout methods may be available on request.
We don’t set minimum thresholds like some VPN providers. You can withdraw every dollar. You can even request fast payouts. There is a 60 day maturation period for affiliate earnings which is standard for this industry. This is to check your referred customer does not refund, cancel or dispute their membership with us.
Sorry, but no. Your traffic unique users referred from your website.
No. We will not pay commission in the case of a customer getting flagged by our Fraud Detection system.
You’re more than welcome to contact our Affiliate Manager at anytime with questions or inquiries and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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